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UFC on ESPN 52: Dariush vs Tsarukyan 4-fight parlay

UFC on ESPN 52 takes place on Saturday at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. This card features a lightweight fight between Beneil Dariush and Arman Tsarukyan as the Main Event. Here is my favorite UFC parlay for this card, with odds of +575 at DraftKings Sports book. Be sure to check out the rest of our UFC predictions for all of the Main Card fight s. Beneil Dariush vs. Arman Tsarukyan – Fight to go the Distance – No (-165) Beneil Dariush comes into this fight with an MMA record of 22-5-1 and 16-5-1 in the UFC. Dariush is averaging 3.79 significant strikes per minute and he has a striking accuracy of 49%. He is absorbing 2.63 strikes and has a striking defense of 58%. As for his grappling, Dariush has also been solid. He is averaging 1.91 takedowns per every 15 minutes and 0.9 submission attempts during the same time period. Arman Tsarukyan comes into this fight with an MMA record of 20-3 and 7-2 in the UFC . Tsarukyan is averaging 3.82 significant strikes per minute and ha

X reacts as controversial PSG penalty robs Newcastle of victory

Newcastle United were robbed of a huge three points in the Champions League on Tuesday evening, drawing 1-1 with Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League after Kylian Mbappe's controversial 98th-minute penalty. PSG may have started the brighter of the two teams in Paris, but Alexander Isak was first to get his name on the scoresheet. There was some lovely work from Lewis Miley and Tino Livramento in the build-up, but it was the Swedish forward who provided the crucial touch after firing home from close range. What a goal. Starts with the deep run from Miley to create space, ends up with a Messi-esque run from Livramento. Alexander Isak doing what he does best. That's a huge goal, and a huge shock to the group. Got to maintain focus and physical levels here. — Sanjay (@nufcsanjay) November 28, 2023 Tino Livramento - what a prospect. Fearless, good touch/decision-making. Great run across edge of #PSG area in build-up to Isak goal. #NUFC #PSGNEW — Henry Winter (@henrywinter) No

Chiefs vs Packers: times, how to watch on TV, stream online | NFL

In a turkey-filled showdown, the Packers managed to stuff the Detroit Lions with a 29-22 upset on Thanksgiving Day. On the other hand the Chiefs decided to give the Las Vegas Raiders a head start of two touchdowns. But Kansas snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat, leaving the Raiders scratching their heads and wondering what just happened. The final score of 31-17 served as a gentle reminder that the Chiefs are not to be underestimated, even when they’re feeling generous. You can watch a live stream of the Game on fuboTV, which offers users a free trial. What time does Chiefs vs Packers start? The Game between Chiefs vs Packers will be played on Sunday December 3, with kick off at 8:20 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. PT. How can I watch Chiefs vs Packers? The following channels will be broadcasting the game live in the US: NBC You can watch a live stream of the Game on fuboTV, which offers users a free trial. Form guide for Chiefs vs Packers Let's have a look at the most recent Ga

A wіпdow to the Past: Unseen Dinosaur Embryo Discovered in Fossilized Egg

Aroᴜոd 70 мillioո yeɑrs old. ᴄlɑᴜdiɑ Dellɑ ոegrɑ, the dігeᴄtor iո ᴄhɑrge of ᴄᴜltᴜrɑl heritɑge of ոeᴜqᴜeո proʋiոᴄe, reported thɑt the foѕѕіɩѕ ɑre siмilɑr to other fossil eggs foᴜոd iո ɑ differeոt pɑrt of the proʋiոᴄe. ɑt preseոt, ɑrᴄhɑeologists ɑre stᴜdyiոg the eмbryo, teeth, ɑոd sᴋiո of these fossilized diոosɑᴜr eggs. The ոeᴜqᴜeո proʋiոᴄiɑl goʋerոмeոt plɑոs to ᴄoոstrᴜᴄt ɑ pɑleoոtologiᴄɑl pɑrᴋ to preserʋe the loᴄɑl ɑrᴄhɑeologiᴄɑl heritɑge. This iոitiɑtiʋe hɑs reᴄeiʋed sᴜpport froм the ոɑtioոɑl Geogrɑphiᴄ Iոstitᴜte, the ոɑtioոɑl Sᴄieոtifiᴄ ɑոd Teᴄhոiᴄɑl Reseɑrᴄh ᴄoᴜոᴄil of ɑrgeոtiոɑ, ɑոd the Spɑոish proʋiոᴄe of Zɑrɑgozɑ. Diոosɑᴜr eggs ᴜsᴜɑlly мeɑsᴜre 10-13 ᴄм iո leոgth ɑոd 5-8 ᴄм iո width, while ɑոᴄieոt ᴄroᴄodile eggs ɑre ոo loոger thɑո 5 ᴄм. The shells of fossil ᴄroᴄodile eggs ɑre ᴜsᴜɑlly hollow or sмooth, while diոosɑᴜr eggs hɑʋe ɑ shell with ɑ wɑʋy pɑtterո thɑt looᴋs liᴋe wiոdiոg worмs. The diոosɑᴜr eggs ᴜոeɑrthed iո the ᴄity of Presideոte Prᴜdeոte iո the stɑte of São Pɑᴜlo